Mainframe Knowledge Capture & Transfer Project

We will capture your mainframe processes and recreate video learning modules that can be used to train your other mainframe and non-mainframe IT technicians.

The professionals at will help permanently document your mainframe procedures and ensure that the knowledge is passed on to your other IT technicians. Contact Us today to learn how we can distribute your internal mainframe expertise throughout your organization.

How we capture and transfer your internal mission-critical mainframe knowledge:

  • Using our Quick Capture Tools, we connect over the Internet to the desktop of your Skilled Mainframe Technician (SMT).
  • We desktop record your SMT performing the procedure on your mainframe.
  • Our mainframe experts analyze the captured video and break it down into logical, consumable steps.
  • We insert informative text to each video describing, in simple terms, what is being performed by your SMT.
  • Each captured mainframe procedure is cataloged and hosted on our mainframe LMS secure site.
  • Your technicians will login to your company's customized mainframe LMS and access the cataloged video procedures.

Don't let Mainframe knowledge and experience become extinct in your environment. Join the Mainframe Knowledge Capture & Transfer Project today!

Example: IPL z/OS Mainframe System Using Netview Automation

Click here to see how we catalog and secure your mission critical mainframe procedures in our Mainframe Learning Management System (LMS).